SDRs (Chinese Clones)

When looking for a USB dongle suitable for ADS-B capture many have had some luck with a particular Chinese clone from AliExpress, pictured here. It has a blue aluminium housing and average construction quality. It has the (reasonably common) RTL-2832U + R820T combo, and importantly incorporates a 1090MHz filter on the front end, minimal over volt protection (good for clumsy handling, not enough to survive lightning). I have seen them claim a 1ppm or a 0.5ppm TCXO. I have seen them claim 30MHz and 60MHz bandwidth on the SAW filter.

They can run hot, it may be worth opening the case and fitting a thermal pad on the underside of the board, to use the case as a heat sink. A 2.5mm thermal pad fits with a little finessing (sliding the pcb in and out of the case wants to destroy the pad, so consider squeezing it a little on application).
Not the greatest product, they are obviously a clone, but they seem to work well enough.
Also, remember that because it has a 1090MHz filter included, it cannot receive 978MHz UAT, airband ACARS, VDL2, or any of the satellite bands. Good for ADS-B and only ADS-

As of May 2023, (Nsendato Office Store Store) and (Shenzhen Sun-Stars Technology Co,.Ltd)

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Not affiliated with either store and there will be other sellers.

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