1090 ADS-B Filters

I will update this info as more info becomes available.

If you buy or measure a 1090 filter, LMK, at the Discord channel or by DM, and I will add the data with attribution.

You can see full Info on my cavity filters on Ebay, but if you are a feeder and buy direct from me, you get a "Friends and Family " discount that saves me Ebay and PayPal fees that are passed along to you.

DM me for direct purchases here @Lothar or in Airplanes.Live Discord .

Here is the September 2023 Update. It includes more manufacturer data.

ADSB 1090 Filters Sept 2023.pdf (553.0 KB)

A Nice Testimonial from a buyer of my cavity filter at the Airplanes Live Shop -“I received the filter yesterday. I swapped it out with the FA Blue tube filter and noticed an immediate difference. The gain of around 1.1 to 1.5db seems to have made an incredible difference in weak signal territory. Yesterday after I restarted the system with the new filter attached, by the time I got downstairs to look at my monitor, the number of planes had jumped from 138 when I went upstairs, to 186 after the swap. This morning, I have tracked more than 200 planes this morning which is more than ever. I have also been receiving occasional beacons from aircraft on the ground 15 miles away at Charlotte airport which is also a first for my location.” - John"

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