Lothar’s TL;DR on SDR selection for AIS, ADS-B, UAT, ACARS, VDL2 and Sondes

Since TBG wanted to pin this in the Discord server, I thought I would post this updated version of my rant here. Lothar’s general advice is: AVOID ALL plastic cased SDRs. FAVOR any SDR that uses the SKY7510 LNA, as it is hands down the lowest NF of any common LNA chip. FAVOR SDRs with Genuine Taisaw SAW filters for 1090. FAVOR LNA>filter over Filter>LNA SDRs topology for 1090 SDRs (unless you are in a rough high RF environment, where you MUST use an unfiltered orange stick and a cavity filter. ADD heat coupling putty pads (NOT adhesive foam thermal heat sink attachment pads) between the underside of the SDR PCB and the metal case. Happy Feeding!

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