Lothar's info on Torquing RF Connectors

Since we all seem to have stepped up our game here by using torque wrenches lately and I got a new VNA capable of pretty precise measurements that will even show errors in calibration due to connector torque, I decided to summarize the best available information from my paper library and the intertubes and try to comb out the minor differences in recommendations I spotted among the cited sources.

In my web travels looking for best practices for doing 2 port SOLT VNA calibration, I came across a 2022 Anritsu Guide for connecting DUTs to VNAs and the proper use of torque wrenches to enable repeatable VNA measurements. I was surprised that there were correct and incorrect ways to hold a torque wrench and align a torque wrench at a less than 90 degree angle to the holding wrench. I’ve attached an abridged version of that document here. and my Table of Recommended Torques.
Lothars Torque Guide.pdf (1.1 MB)

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